The Girl For Me


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Chorus: Baby I've been thinkin lately your the girl for me but you don't seem to see or feel the way that I feel about you I can't live without out you Oh Nooo..

First Verse JunYor: You and me walkin down the beach holdin hands sun sets while we stand side by side, or maybe gettin a little better acquainted in the bedroom baby I love when you got my hands tied.

Every night have dinner by candle light while we talk about the future we both hope to share, but for now it's just a dream cuz it seems that whenever I see you around you don't even know I'm there.

And I swear that if you let me I would be the one to pick you up off the ground when your down and you feel low, but you don't seem to see that it's me who belongs with you I hope one day that you will know.
Who I am and how I feel about you cuz every day it gets harder to deal without you, and bit by bit its like I'm dying inside from this indescribable pain I'm tryin to hide Oh yee..


Second Verse JunYor: So many days I spent sittin in the back of class just hoping that you would acknowledge me or look my way, and the way you steel my heart your kinda like a sleeping beauty at night and a crook by day.

And I aint lookin for no housewife to cook my steak I want an independent women to love me un- , conditionally one fish in the sea for me and that's you one wish it would be.

That you would realize how much we belong together so forever I could be the one to make you laugh, bend over backwards for you till i break my back or maybe get a little dirty while we take a bath.

So let's take a chance and lets make a change and lets chase romance and lets break the chains, that held us back for so long the love that I feel is so strong and I don't know if I can go on cuz.


Third Verse John Devilin: Baby I could be your Romeo and you could be my Juliette and we could live life like a movie scene, Your truly a beauty queen it's like I walked into a dream the most beautiful women I ever seen.

Most of these females bring out the devil in me I've never been the type to let em in, but for you I check the peephole cuz you got such a beautiful mind and a deep soul.

Ya help me keep goin when I feel like I'm shootin a free throw in deep snow and freezin rain, with leaves blowing but we know when It's time to stop and i put you beneath no one cuz you ease my pain I.

Don't know what I'd do without out you by my side to ride through life like Bonnie and Clyde you, got it all girl call ya all of the above so baby why ya trippin your the only one I love ah.


from WHITE NOISE, released June 30, 2012



all rights reserved


N.O.I.S.E Vancouver, British Columbia

N.O.I.S.E - NO OBSTICLE IS SIGNIFICANT ENOUGH, defiantly is that karate chop to the throat when least expected. Enjoy their lead single, and prepare yourself for an amazing ass kicking.

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